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...that aside from the computer-related main part of the site, we've also scanned and collected many comics of the classic Masters of the Universe toy line? This section of our site is the most comprehensive index of those comics on the Internet - easily surpassing dedicated official and non-official fan-sites.
So what is this site? To put it in the most simple way imaginable: It's a site about digital games. Not about the latest gaming news, but about the games themselves, and - as you've already surmised from the site's name - specializing in what's usually considered 'classic' these days. Of course, definitions of 'classic' differ widely. However, if you browse around a little, you'll find us covering pretty much everything (with varying intensity) from the earliest home systems (late 1970s) to the end of the last millenium.


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Of course, there is still a lot of ground to cover as far as 3D-shooters-which-you-have-never-heard-of-in-your-whole-life (and which frankly, you could have passed away happily without ever learning about) are concerned. Regardless of what you may think or want (as if we ever cared about that here…), we will now cram Behind the Iron Gate down your throat. Bon Appetit!
Mr Creosote


Ah, a Terminator game? A cool shooter? No, it's just a cutscene. In fact, this is a tactical wargame. Still, quite cool, huh? Terminators and Hunter-Killers versus human rebels. Or did someone just get "inspired" a "little bit" there? One way or the other, Space Marines: The Steel Emperor does feature quite a bit of blue-screen acted cutscenes which may very well appeal fans of cheese.
Mr Creosote


See? Death Mask isn't so bad! You don't just move in large steps Dungeon Master style, but have intermediate steps. Which really is a conceptual must-have in the 3D shooter genre. You don't see it yet? No fear, the review explains it. Oh, you haven't even heard of the game and the controversy around it yet? All the more reason to read up on it!
Mr Creosote


Do you even need anything more than this picture to motivate you to learn more about Death or Glory? Could it possibly have an even stronger appeal to "core gamers"? Hardly. Though the same target audience may have the nagging suspicion in the back of their minds that they have seen this image before somewhere else. Definitely not in a computer game. Where could it have been? Or maybe you do know, but you don't care? That would actually be sensible.


Well, well, now this finally does look pretty good, doesn't it? It may not be Quake, but given that it does run at acceptable speed on a fairly regular Amiga, Breathless could be considered quite a revelation.

Now, obviously, the big question is whether it also delivers in other respects than graphics…


Our foolhardy adventurer jrok invades us again with Zork III review thus finally completing the Zork trilogy on the site. I've always had a certain amount of respect and even envy for people playing text-based adventures, for the reason that I've always lacked passion for such, yet considered this to be my personal kind of deficiency. Well done, fellow scribbler!


It's Crime Time! And you're right in the middle of it, being the primary suspect in a murder investigation. Sucks, doesn't it? Then again, what should people think, finding you there with blood on your hands kneeling over the dead body? Maybe you did commit the crime, after all, and it's just a case of amnesia induced by last night's drinking?


What is this? Why, the severed body parts and guts of an exploding human being flying around, of course!

In a 3D shooter like Gloom, this is the reality you are routinely dealing with. Not much more which these games are actually about. If you would like to see this sort of thing in even more detail, there is even a Deluxe version which offers much sharper images. I can see you're getting pretty excited by now, eh?


Wait a second! This is not how Alien Breed 3D II looks on the screenshots of other websites. Yet, it is the same game. What you see right here is how it would have looked on your computer if you had tried running it on contemporary, real hardware. What other websites show you is how it looks on an emulator with unlimited speed options thanks to modern-day chips and JIT. I.e. it's a rather good-looking game on screenshots if they are made on non-existent computers. What a sad way to end a series!


Oh, yes! This is how I always envisioned Alien Breed to look like! An armed space marine, a door (easily the most defining feature of the whole series!) and, of course, a deadly alien fletching its teeth. In 1995, the series finally went off into the third dimension. What a huge step for even stronger immersion into this thrilling world! If only… well, step in and see for yourself.

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