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...that everything you see here has been coded from the ground up? We're not using any generic Content Managament System - those things never fit any specific purpose anyway. The same goes for our forum which has even been released under a Free Software licence in its current incarnation.
So what is this site? To put it in the most simple way imaginable: It's a site about digital games. Not about the latest gaming news, but about the games themselves, and - as you've already surmised from the site's name - specializing in what's usually considered 'classic' these days. Of course, definitions of 'classic' differ widely. However, if you browse around a little, you'll find us covering pretty much everything (with varying intensity) from the earliest home systems (late 1970s) to the end of the last millenium.


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There we are. We made it! All the way from part 1 to 8. This one, called Insel der Wunder, concludes the Schwert & Magie series. It is almost a bit sad, as this game is indeed by far the best of the whole bunch. If things had continued in this way, I'm sure nobody would have minded. Then again, it is usually better to go with a bang rather than slowly fading away into mediocrity; which likely would have happened, as mediocrity is where the series came from, after all. So anyway, from this island of wonders, we'll be moving on to different shores in the coming weeks.
Mr Creosote


Hold on a sec, what's in that trash can? Oh wow, 3 game reviews! Microsoft Flight Simulator 5.0 by someone mahan1241, Sensible Soccer by carlostex and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade by some email adress This must be our lucky day! Now, jokes aside, guys. Never completing your submissions and ignoring PMs isn't very cool and next time if you don't react soon enough your reviews may be ditched, all the more likely if their quality is hardly a redeeming factor. That said, we would like to encourage everyone to at least provide better material if you expect us to assist you with things like screenshots.


You have enough of this historically irrelevant and German-only series? I can imagine! Though I'm not someone to leave a job half done. What I started, I will finish. Even if this particular instance doesn't make it easy to still see the good. Fear not, though: Unter Wasser!, part 7 and the subjective low point this far, already comes on the last compilation disk. Meaning after this one, there is just one more to go. And, to maybe tease next week's inevitable update a little, don't give up on this series yet ;)
Mr Creosote


Cool World as we all know nowadays, turned out to be quite an uncool place when it hit the silver screen. Those few German who went to see the film didn't have much of an excuse anyway, as this accompanying computer game – made by Ocean – was released before the movie was actually shown. Its quality should have been a warning to prospective viewers. Hm, maybe it was, and that is why nobody went to see the film?


We have receved a 3rd review on the all-time epic Leisure Suit Larry (VGA remake) from our newcomer mammal93. He thinks the game is overall crude, vulgar, offensive, hilarious and.. short? Well, I would agree on all counts but the last one. I think the game length provided is more than enough for just one miserable night spent in Lost Wages. And, don't forget, this is only 1991...


Let's recap. Part 4 took place in a magician's castle. This one takes us to a magician's tower. Running a bit thin on ideas, aren't you? Where Schwert und Magie initially surprised with the wide thematic range found in its entries, things are becoming more and more generic gradually. Though still two more games to go after Der Turm des Todes. Expectations are slowly decreasing, to be honest…


Back to Monkey Island with you to have a taste of LeChuck's Revenge! Our relatively new member mattsbone has finally decided to share his experience of one of the greatest Lucas Arts classic adventures which surely needs little introduction today. But if you still don't know who Guybrush Threepwood is, then... we are coming for you! Har har har!


An appropriate picture setting the mood for classic horror. Could have been more effective if the house were more towering, especially compared to the rowboat the protagonist (presumably) arrives in. A large mansion/castle dwarfing the tiny, tiny player vessel, signifying the hopelessness of the mission. But anyway, it's effective enough. A conclusion probably also appropriate for the game, Schwert und Magie 5: Das Haus des Vampirs, itself, isn't it?


Yup, yup, believe it or not – the game we introduce today is actually available for sale in physical format. Players not familiar with the Spanish language had to wait a while, but three translations of Retro Wars Episode IV¼ have been finished by now. Even if one has to wonder about the quality of the German version, considering "Deutsch" is misspelt right there on the promotional artwork. Ahem. Anyway, this one comes from the same dedicated team which already brought us Else we get mad!, which, in spite of its limitations, was quite a fun game, so let's take a look – because after all, you have the choice of buying or just legally downloading it freely as well. Great move!


A second review on Starflight is done by carlostex. He calls it a masterpiece and rates it 6 despite some of the technical flaws. He also believes this game served as a model for later titles such as Star Control or even modern day Mass Effect.

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