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...that aside from the computer-related main part of the site, we've also scanned and collected many comics of the classic Masters of the Universe toy line? This section of our site is the most comprehensive index of those comics on the Internet - easily surpassing dedicated official and non-official fan-sites.
So what is this site? To put it in the most simple way imaginable: It's a site about digital games. Not about the latest gaming news, but about the games themselves, and - as you've already surmised from the site's name - specializing in what's usually considered 'classic' these days. Of course, definitions of 'classic' differ widely. However, if you browse around a little, you'll find us covering pretty much everything (with varying intensity) from the earliest home systems (late 1970s) to the end of the last millenium.


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These days, with a huge amount of so-called "casual" games out there, it is increasingly hard (if not impossible) to give "objective" ratings to games. What if the target audience doesn't actually want complex gameplay, extensive length etc.? Actually, though, this is not such a new phenomenon as you may think, as The Wacky World of Miniature Golf illustrates once again. Though even today, it is held by the standards of "hardcore" gamers. Not very fair, is it?
Mr Creosote


Is it the Third Man running through the sewers of Vienna? Wait, no, that's a woman. And it isn't Vienna. Nevertheless, it's quite a mystery. More than anything, Caren and the Tangled Tentacles provokes the question: why make a new Adventure game on the C64 these days?

You see, there was this C64 Adventure game competition in 2015. Finally, I got around to playing the entries. Awakening and this one were my favourites. They reached #1 and #3, so you see it's all quite subjective. So why not try out the rest of the games yourself, and maybe even submit reviews of those as well!

Mr Creosote


Two Elvis impersonators performing dangerous chemical experiments? Surely, they cannot be serious! This cannot end well…

Indeed, it doesn't. And now, of course, it is up to a woman to clean the mess up and save the world. Nevertheless, given the amount of cleavage Awakening shows, it is clearly aimed at the male half of the population. Who said there aren't good new releases for the C64 anymore?

Mr Creosote


What's going on there? A graphical glitch, shadowing the sprite? Damn, I hate those in shooters! Oh, wait. Code name: Hell Squad (no, this isn't a typing error) isn't actually shooter. It's an Adventure game. And what you see there is the solution of a puzzle; one which isn't even half bad. Oops, spoiler, I guess. Oh well, you're not going to play it anyway, are you? So no harm done. Still, I invite you to at least read about it or watch the video playthrough. Be prepared for one of the most amazing endings in the history of computer games!


Don't you just hate when this happens? All against one… well against yourself. It's not fair! Well, maybe you shouldn't have terrorized them all for generations, but anyway – it's not fair! Dominus was set to be added to the site almost exactly 16 years ago. Somehow I never got it finished. So here it is, with "slight" delay.

This year, we had 88 new game entries, roughly 30% up from the year before. Also, we had 97 newly written review, maintaining the ratio of having more new reviews than games. It means we keep getting more and more second or even third views of games in, which can be quite valuable. On the floppy image side of things, Wandrell, ibmpc5150 and Vagabond processed and classified a couple of hundred new entries.

So overall, I do believe we're on a good way sharing memories and views of people who have actually played the games, rather than just those who pick up zip files somewhere. Here's to a similarly successful 2017!


Just a heads-up that we moved servers. If you're reading this, you are accessing the new one (good). Should anything not work, please report it in the forums!


Atjohns97 takes care of the weekend update. What could be more appropriate this time of the year than something relaxing to play with the whole family? Enjoy Super Jeopardy!


I finally broke down. Today, I'm going to give in to the constant nagging, the ever-present demands to finally cover this very game. Here it is, the game you've all been waiting for: Breakdance. Have fun!


Assaulting a helpless, drunk beggar? Classy!

Actually, this is one of my occasional attempts to get over my deeply rooted dislike for roleplaying games. It helped that Darkmere isn't so much of what you'd expect, but rather goes into the clearly action-focused direction of how the genre as it was commonly interpreted on kid's game consoles. Though without the "cute" (i.e. annoying) imagery.


A scantily clad woman on the hood of a car. The classic sexist motif. Symbol of the male oppression. How could this still be used in the 1990s? How can we put it on our front page in 2016? Before you vow to never visit again in anger, think whether things may not be quite as they appear. Though you'll only know if you are Man Enough to dive deeply into the depth of "multimedia" shit of the early CD-ROM days.

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