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...that everything you see here has been coded from the ground up? We're not using any generic Content Managament System - those things never fit any specific purpose anyway. The same goes for our forum which has even been released under a Free Software licence in its current incarnation.
So what is this site? To put it in the most simple way imaginable: It's a site about digital games. Not about the latest gaming news, but about the games themselves, and - as you've already surmised from the site's name - specializing in what's usually considered 'classic' these days. Of course, definitions of 'classic' differ widely. However, if you browse around a little, you'll find us covering pretty much everything (with varying intensity) from the earliest home systems (late 1970s) to the end of the last millenium.


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What is this? Why, the severed body parts and guts of an exploding human being flying around, of course!

In a 3D shooter like Gloom, this is the reality you are routinely dealing with. Not much more which these games are actually about. If you would like to see this sort of thing in even more detail, there is even a Deluxe version which offers much sharper images. I can see you're getting pretty excited by now, eh?

Mr Creosote


Wait a second! This is not how Alien Breed 3D II looks on the screenshots of other websites. Yet, it is the same game. What you see right here is how it would have looked on your computer if you had tried running it on contemporary, real hardware. What other websites show you is how it looks on an emulator with unlimited speed options thanks to modern-day chips and JIT. I.e. it's a rather good-looking game on screenshots if they are made on non-existent computers. What a sad way to end a series!
Mr Creosote


Oh, yes! This is how I always envisioned Alien Breed to look like! An armed space marine, a door (easily the most defining feature of the whole series!) and, of course, a deadly alien fletching its teeth. In 1995, the series finally went off into the third dimension. What a huge step for even stronger immersion into this thrilling world! If only… well, step in and see for yourself.
Mr Creosote


SB1988 bids farewell to Kyrandia and starts investigating the case of a stolen egyptian dagger as Laura Bow in the Dagger of Amon Ra. That's the spirit!


Like anticipated, SB1988 completes the Kyrandia trilogy with the 3rd review on the last game in the series - Malcolm's Revenge. Well done, my friend!


SB1988 continues his adventure in Kyrandia and treats of the second game of the series Legend of Kyrandia: Hand of Fate. Now, it seems that his next account on the part three of the series is only a matter of time. Then again, maybe not.


And here comes a new member with another (now 2nd) review on Legend of Kyrandia. Very good start, SB1988, thank you and welcome to TGOD!


Ewwww, that doesn't look so good. You just came here to investigate a failure in communication, but it seems this job will not be done fixing a satellite system. Someone (or something?) has been wreaking real havoc here. Could it be the monster lurking there in the corridor on the right? You bet – this one and its 1000 comrades!

Alien Breed: Tower Assault marks the end of the two-dimensional part of the series. Though do not worry, we will extend our coverage to the three-dimensional ones as well. Oh, you didn't know about those? Well, you may have something to look forward to, then.


This is the long-awaited sequel? Hummm… not much has changed, has it? Just wait for it, things will look quite different in later levels. If you even manage to reach them. Gameplay-wise, on the other hand, don't expect a big revolution. It is as the title says: Alien Breed II – The Horror Continues.


Fun is prohibited!

Actually, if LostInSpace is to be believed, this law (valid in a place called Neutropolis) isn't that big a deal. There isn't much fun to be had in this city, rendered three-dimensionally in typically bad 1990s fashion, anyway. What's not possible doesn't even need to be forbidden, does it? It would be sort of redundant. Though certainly, this realization was not shared by the developers of Normality.

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