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1375Heroes of the Lance1989English2 x 3.5" DD (720kB)
1705Heroes of the Lance1989English3 x 5.25" DS DD (360kB)
1847Heroquest1993English2 x 3.5" DD (720kB)
1941Heroquest1993English2 x 3.5" DD (720kB)
508Hexen1995English7 x 3.5" HD (1440kB)
1029Hexen1995English7 x 3.5" HD (1440kB)
1857Hexx1994English2 x 3.5" HD (1440kB)
953Hidden Agenda1988English2 x 5.25" DS DD (360kB)
1116Highway Patrol II1990English2 x 5.25" DS DD (360kB)
794Hillsfar1989English1 x 3.5" DD (720kB)
851Hillsfar1989English2 x 5.25" DS DD (360kB)
1297Hillsfar1989English1 x 3.5" DD (720kB)
1298Hillsfar1989English1 x 3.5" DD (720kB)
1706Hillsfar1989English2 x 5.25" DS DD (360kB)
885Hired Guns1993English2 x 3.5" HD (1440kB)
8History Line 1914-19181993Deutsch4 x 3.5" HD (1440kB)
1173History Line 1914-19181993Deutsch4 x 3.5" HD (1440kB)
493Hocus Pocus1994English1 x 3.5" HD (1440kB)
1951Hole-In-One Miniature Golf1989English5 x 5.25" DS DD (360kB)
637Holiday Lemmings 19931993English1 x 3.5" DD (720kB)
2380Home Alone1991English1 x 3.5" DD (720kB)
1952Homey D. Clown1993English2 x 3.5" DD (720kB)
2019Hook1991English3 x 3.5" DD (720kB)
954Hostage: Rescue Mission1989English2 x 5.25" DS DD (360kB)
1532Hotshot1989English1 x 3.5" DD (720kB)
1486House of Cards1989English1 x 3.5" DD (720kB)
1953Hoverforce1991English1 x 3.5" DD (720kB)
1954Hoyle - Book of Games Vol. 11989English1 x 3.5" DD (720kB)
1955Hoyle - Book of Games Vol. 11989English3 x 5.25" DS DD (360kB)
1956Hoyle - Book of Games Vol. 21990English1 x 5.25" DS DD (360kB)
1957Hoyle - Book of Games Vol. 21990English1 x 5.25" DS DD (360kB)
2026Hoyle - Book of Games Vol. 21990English1 x 3.5" DD (720kB)
249Hoyle - Book of Games Vol. 31991English2 x 3.5" HD (1440kB)
886Hoyle - Book of Games Vol. 31991English2 x 3.5" DD (720kB)
697Hugo1994Deutsch5 x 3.5" HD (1440kB)
1220Hugo1994Deutsch5 x 3.5" HD (1440kB)
1649Hugo 2: Whodunit?1992English1 x 5.25" DS DD (360kB)
1514Hugo's House of Horrors1990English1 x 5.25" DS DD (360kB)
1117Hurra Deutschland1994Deutsch7 x 3.5" HD (1440kB)
251Hyperspeed1992Deutsch3 x 3.5" DD (720kB)
887Hyperspeed1991English3 x 3.5" DD (720kB)
1267Hyperspeed1991English2 x 5.25" DS HD (1200kB)
812I, Damiano: The Wizard of Partestrada1985English1 x Booter (360kB)
252Ikari Warriors1986English2 x Booter (400kB)
253Imperium1990English2 x 5.25" DS DD (360kB)
888Impossible Mission II1988English2 x 3.5" DD (720kB)
509In Extremis1993English6 x 3.5" HD (1440kB)
254Inca1992Deutsch10 x 3.5" HD (1440kB)
524Inca1992Italiano10 x 3.5" HD (1440kB)
1651Inca1992English10 x 3.5" HD (1440kB)
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