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1. Accumulate strength: This can be done by pulling the joystick back whenever
the arm in the central display area has entered an especially "strong"

2. Prop up arm: press Fire

Tottle's remarks: Let's go. Beanpole Fred is going to be referee and
will make sure that no one props up his free arm. Unfortunately Fred nods off
once in a while, therefore stay alert! Oh yeah, just before you win it might be
useful to rattle, as we say in the west.



1. Draw guns: player 1 moves joystick to the right player 2 moves joystick to
the left

2. Aim guns: direct crosshairs by joystick

3. shoot: press Fire

Tottle's remarks: Don't get nervous, or your little hands will be
a-shakin'. Oh, before I forget, there is an old westerners' trick:
Wait until your opponent has missed, then pull your trigger calmly. But
don't wait too long, because we all want to see some fun this day. Remember
that you have not won until you hit all 5 targets faster than your opponent.
That means if you are faster than him four times but don't hit the fifth
target, the game starts all over again.



1. Lift arm and bite off quid: push joystick forward

2. Chew: pull joystick fast left and right

3. Stop chewing: joystick forward

4. Determine angle of spitting: pulling joystick back determines strength of
spitting - press Fire

5. Spit: let go of Fire button

Tottle's remarks: Well, I think you all chew quids of tobacco regularly,
don't you? - What do I hear, you never tried it before? Well, then listen
to some of good old Sam's tips: The greatest risk with quid-chewing is
swallowing. It tastes awful, so don't swallow it! Remember not to bite off
too big a piece from the quid and don't chew too long or too short. So,
kids, chew until the quid is a good shape. You might try to hit your opponent.
On his face would look best...



1.  Milk:  Move joystick rhythmically corresponding to the following: down,
right, up, diagonally down to the left, up, right, down, diagonally up to the
left, then start it all over, again and again

2.  Knock the opponent:  Move joystick to the right and press Fire.

Tottle's remarks: Hey, hey, hey! It's no problem to elbow your
opponent, of course, but make sure the referee doesn't notice it...



1.  Starting position: joystick in initial position

2.  Lift and bend right leg: joystick diagonally to the lower left

3.  Lift and stretch right leg: move joystick diagonally to the lower left and
press Fire

4.  Lift and bend left leg: joystick diagonally to the lower right

5.  Lift and stretch left leg: move joystick diagonally to the lower right and
press Fire

6.  Undo jacket (= lift skirt): joystick forward

7.  Raise hands to the right at shoulder level, turn hips to the left (= lift
skirt and turn to the right): joystick diagonally to upper left

8.  Raise hands to the left at shoulder level, turn hips to the right (= lift
skirt and turn to the left): joystick diagonally to upper right

9.  Bend forward: joystick back
10. Bend forward: simply press Fire

Tottle's remarks: It's all very simple. Just follow the girl - but
keep the beat! Remember that our guys are very spoiled, and if you miss the beat
they will get more and more upset until they give Joe the piano player a bash on
the nut. And then Joe will not continue playing unless the one who missed the
beat buys him another beer.



1. Dip spoon in: joystick back
2. Balance spoon: move joystick left and right
3. Slurp
4. Chew: move joystick left and right
5. Swallow: pull joystick back and press Fire
6. Drink: joystick forward (only before you dip spoon in)

Tottle's remarks: Boys, eat carefully! If you swallow all the stew without
chewing you will find yourselves belching. That takes time and it's bad
manners into the bargain. Oh yeah, and keep stopping for a drink in between: it
helps to swallow more easily. Now tuck in! Beans are excellent stuff!


           Up   Down  Left  Right  Fire

Player 1   Q     A      Y     U    SPACE
Player 2   ---USE ARROW KEYS---    ENTER

Upper screen display for all events:
 -------------------------------------------------------------  |    ---------- 
           ----------           ----------   |  |   |          |           |    
     |         |          |  |  |    ----------             ----------          
----------   |


Actual strength of one player. General strength display. The present target.


The gun can be drawn after the barman's signal. Beating Hearts show the
degree of nervousness


Length of the quid; The figure shows how often the pot has to be hit. Here you
can also see how big a piece each player bites off. Then chew thoroughly! After
you have stopped chewing the display changes. The left frame of the display now
shows the strength of spitting; the figures on the right show the angle of


The rhythmically heaving udder indicates the beat with which the joystick should
be moved. The content of the milk-cans indicates how much there is still to be
milked to fill the cans


Number of beers you can buy the piano player. Degree of difficulty of present


First you can see the spoon; here, is shown how much stew you are currently
spooning. The content indicates how much is left to eat. When you swallow the
stew a tummy appears. The degree of it's fatness shows how much air you are
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