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Desperabis Manual

Basic controls and settings
F1/ESC: main menu
F2:     show inventory
F5:     show/hide hand symbols
F7:     change gamma

p:   pause
s/g: activate/deactivate sounds
+:   increase volume
-:   decrease volume

t: activate keyboard control
m: activate mouse control
j: activate joystick control

Choosing weapons (if available)
1: select dagger
2: select sword
3: select crossbow
4: select fire balls
5: select stone
6: select rat trap
7: select lightning conductor
8: select scoop

Character controls
up:              walk ahead
down:            walk backwards
left:            turn left
right:           turn right
left shift key:  move left
right shift key: move right
page down:       duck
page up:         jump
pos 1:           look up
end:             look down
del:             look straight on
space:           use weapon
return:          take objects, open doors, pull switches...

English manual by Tapuak (, 2002
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