Caren and the Tangled Tentacles (caren_solution.txt)


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Caren and the Tangled Tentacles
Walkthrough by Mr Creosote

Make the bed
Open the wardrobe to get the Atari joystick
Open the drawer to get the key
Go upstairs
Wait until the phone starts ringing, then answer it
Open the door to the right (bathroom)
Use the toilet
Open the front door and go outside
Follow the street to the left
Examine and the open the dustbin
Walk back to the right
Use the key to unlock the door to the science center
Get the envelope from the mail slot to get your new ID
Enter the IT office
Examine and use the computer on the left
Ask Doc for the boot disk
Use the boot disk with the computer
Use the ID with the computer (you implicitely use the password you learned
Walk up the stairs
Enter the chemistry lab
Close the door
Open the cupboard
Get the pipette and the lighter
Use the lighter with the flask
Use the pipette with the glass container (x3)
Leave the lab
Enter the biology lab
Examine the floating body
Climb down the ladder
Get the rope, the bowl and the bucket
Put the ID in the card reader on the right
Turn the valve (you catch the leaking water in the bowl)
Climb up the ladder
Examine the metal bar
Examine the corpse
Climb down the ladder
Use the pipette with the glass bowl
Climb up the ladder
Open the hatch
Get the metal bar
Leave the biology lab and the science center and return home
Go upstairs
Open the fridge to get a red herring
Open the oven
Use the red herring with the pot to get a cooked herring
Open the stairs to the attic and climb upstairs
Use the power plug
Use the metal bar with the hoe attachment
Get the Pong cartdridge
Climb down
Use the cartridge and the joystick with the console
Go downstairs (x2)
Open the door
Walk all the way to the bottom right
Examine the floor boards (x2)
Use the hoe with the floor boards
Use the rope with the hole
Climb down
Leave the screen to the left
Use the cooked fish with the rat
Leave the screen to the left
Use the hoe with the bag
Follow the path
Examine the tank

You have found out the identity of the victim and how it happened, but not who
did it and why!
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