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Posted at 22:16 on July 12th, 2013 | Quote | Edit | Delete
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You know, back when it was new I really loved this game, but – before taking a look at the maps included in the documentation – I never knew, that those missions in Germany take you to such interesting towns like Diesstadt='This City', Ohrdorf='Ear Village' (I like that sound!) or Trippigleben='trippy lving' (my favourite!), which makes it even cooler. Originally I wanted to complain about how the creators came up with such weird names (like Jübar or Klötze), but it seems like those are actual German towns. :D

On a more serious note: As a child I didn't understand why you should fly an attack chopper over Germany.
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"There are cases when you design something that looks good on paper and there's only one small part of it that's fun. You have to focus on that and throw the rest away." Brent Iverson, the designer, chief programmer behind LHX and the author of these words did just that. He created a flight simulator that's pure joy to play: not too much of an arcade, which would disenchant less action-prone people, and not too much of a simulation, which would leave 95% of the gaming population frowning. LHX is simply the right blend of arcade, simulation and pure fun.

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