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Posted at 23:22 on June 11th, 2015 | Quote | Edit | Delete
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Heh, peculiar. Until this point i thought this game was only made for Spectrum. Only that it's called 180. Interestingly enough, even mobygames has only spectrum entry... hm.
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Posted at 16:45 on May 8th, 2008 | Quote | Edit | Delete
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Darts... ever heard of that? Those pointy thingies you throw at that round thingy hanging on the wall? Yeah right - that's it. This is Darts... 501 to be precise. The rules of it are simple - the points you score are subtracted from 501 till you reach 0. However you got to reach this by hitting a "double" field. Bit of mathematics involved here. ;) The player first reaching 0 wins (of course). Easy concept and great to be played in a pub. Well - and also on a computer. I found the game to be best playable with a joystick - it's a lot of fun then. If you want to try your luck with the keyboard go ahead. It's a lot more difficult, but still playable. The controls rely on a system I'd like to call 'system of the unsure hand troubled by gravity' - basically you give the hand holding the dart a push to one side and it always goes a little too far, which is by concept. After a while you get the hang of it though and learn to calculate those motions.

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