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Posted at 17:02 on May 24th, 2018 | Quote | Edit | Delete
Master Gumby
Posts: 83
Simple games often also use simple graphics lead by practical means. The game is then carried by the solid gameplay foundation or – in the adventure genre – by a good plot. Shard of Inovar's plot, in any case, isn't a tired one at all. Just like the controls. Small pictograms on the sides of the screen trigger certain actions. Judged by the number of icons, the game is actually rather short and some symbols, like for example "swim", are never required to solve the game. Invoke, on the other hand, conjuring up a magic spell or following through a ritual, is used quite frequently. Yes, you guessed right: this takes place in the fantasy genre. Authors Les Hogarth and Clive Wilson were leading figures at Mastertronic at the time and they published this text adventure as part of a trilogy together with VENOM and KOBYASHI NARU also on other platforms than the C64. My quality expectations are somewhat high as I first dive in.

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