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Have normal people died out?

Posted at 05:51 on December 2nd, 2002 | Quote | Edit | Delete
Bachelor Gumby
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Sorry for this topic turn [some people always come the same topic ;) ].

I haven't read "Über Wahrheit und Lüge im außermoralischen Sinn". Only fragments, but not enough to say you're 'right' or 'wrong'. I can only describe my interpretation.

The fascinating at Nietzsche is for me his thought transformation and the evolution of his thoughts. In my opinion he never claimed to suppress 'the weak' or that only 'the strong' should dominate and rule this world. he only analyzed his enviroment (in his era). The only (but pronounced) 'advice' he gave was his Zarathustra and his foggy way to become an 'overman'. But that is not a mass event with success guaranty, it's only his sense of spiritual evolution. A lonely, 'self-refering' evolution (In this context i can suggest you Safranski's book about Nietzsche's thoughts, preconditioned you are interested in). I understand N's thoughts as very 'objective' and 'honest'. I don't read him to adopt his understanding of truth. I like him for his uncompromising way of thinking and the radical changes in this way.
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Prof Gumby
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I'm not really in topic anymore since this should be one of the first posts, but here it goes;

"Normal people" can't "die out", since "normal people" are the majority of the larger mass. Thus, they always exist. They only change.

Enough said... ;)
I am on a hot streak... Litterally.
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