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mouse in dos box

Posted at 12:38 on November 28th, 2002 | Quote | Edit | Delete
maybe you can help me,
i want to play "madtv" on my w2k system,
tried several mouse drivers,
and i can use it in other progs in the dos box,
just madtv doesn´t find it,
it gets the mouseclicks, but not the movement.

please help...
Posted at 15:50 on November 28th, 2002 | Quote | Edit | Delete
Prof Gumby
Posts: 488
Try playing in full window mode instead.
If there is an option to do so, try to start MS DOS Prompt instead of double clicking on the start icon like a normal windows program.
If it still doesn't work, I suggest creating a Boot Disk to boot in DOS then mannually load your mouse drivers and play the game.
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