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The original Japanese versions of the Tower series

Posted at 07:21 on October 23rd, 2014 | Quote | Edit | Delete
Pupil Gumby
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Oh dear, I remember making this request at Underground Gamer so many years ago. :(

If you're familiar with SimTower or Yoot Tower, those are localizations of what are probably very rare Japanese games called "Tower" or "The Tower", depending on which release you have. The Japanese Wikipedia page on the series provides a somewhat English-readable list of releases, particularly the Mac and PC versions.

I feel like this is an impossible request, but does anyone have any of these? I just think these original versions would be pretty interesting, seeing as there appear to be three for the original The Tower alone... and SimTower appears to be based only on the very first one!

(I like how it started as a Macintosh game, and how the developer actually got the idea for it from playing SimCity on the Mac. Apparently the Mac was a big deal in Japan.)

(Edit: Apparently some of these versions are really cheap, while others are really expensive. At any rate, I should probably shop around...)
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Retired Gumby
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For some reason, old Japanese computer games are quite hard to find. But if you get them, please share.
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