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The Entropy Cage (2014)

Posted at 11:31 on November 1st, 2014 | Quote | Edit | Delete
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The interactive fiction community is split into two camps: Those that prefer the more traditional parser games (which mostly put a stronger emphasis on the interactive part) and those that like the hypertext ones (which mostly prefer the fiction part). So as always, a group of people cannot be small enough without quarrelling about how to do things. Some people go as far as outright avoiding games from a certain ‘faction’ or playing them just to criticise them for all the things they are not. The Entropy Cage mirrors this conflict in its story. It is hard to tell whether it is intentional or not, but anyways it is nice to find a game about the dogmatism of a hidden computerised society in an almost obscure online subculture.

Asa Nisi Masa!
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