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Arkanoid 2

Posted at 20:16 on June 2nd, 2015 | Quote | Edit | Delete
Pupil Gumby
Posts: 12
For this game, the manual tells the user not to write protect the diskette as the program needs to write to the diskette during game play. When installing to a hard drive the user will only need the original as key disk. I like how Sierra write protected their disks (Space Quest, e.g.) and suggested the user create a "play" disk so the original disk would remain unmodified. Upon examining my copy, many of the file dates were strange, such as 1979, 1980, 2069... there are two files that appear to be modified: DOH.CFG & REVOFDOH.SCR. If those files are deleted, the program generates new ones. I do not know how to crack this one myself, but the original DOH.COM is 5K while cracked DOH.EXE is 10K.

As for the game, I enjoy playing this one when feeling meditative. Also, I like to run in CGA mono amber with Adlib sound!
Posted at 05:51 on August 11th, 2018 | Quote | Edit | Delete
Prof Gumby
Posts: 484
I also have original package of Arkanoid II (both first release and second release with CMS sound support)
Of course disks are Not modified. (Untouched).

I guestt cracked file (DOH.EXE) seems to be generated by UNGUARD (from CopyWrite disk)
I've tested the generation of DOH.EXE file.
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