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Zorro (1986)

Posted at 18:14 on July 5th, 2016 | Quote | Edit | Delete
Reborn Gumby
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To Z or not to Z, that is the question! Some jealous fiend seized a beautiful maiden which you have only just begun to admire and dragged her to the castle for immediate incarceration (sounds like another date went terribly wrong). You pursued them, but just before you know it the drawbridge was raised thus preventing you from going any further. Splendid. It looks like you will have to find another way to sneak into the castle and save your now-sweetheart which may take a few puzzles to solve. In this game you will have to prove that Zorro isn't just a formidable master swordsman but also a brilliant mind!

Cheer up! Remember the less you have, the more there is to get.

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