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Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards (1987)

Posted at 12:21 on September 4th, 2018 | Quote | Edit | Delete
Baby Gumby
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A brilliant, hilarious, vulgar romp in a tale as old as time. Since the dawn of man, men need women. Luckily for them they weren't Larry Laffer, a 40 year old virgin trying to correct that fact in the city of Lost Wages. The game is crude as can be with Al Lowe's infamously vulgar writing. The game is pretty brutally difficult, as Sierra games where known to be. There's even a time limit to finish the game, that is if you don't solve a very Leisure Suit Larry puzzle. After an outdated pop culture laden copy protection scheme, another very "Larry" thing, you'll find yourself in the city of Lost Wages. The world is open for you to explore, and try to win the heart of one of three women, with the luscious Eve being your main goal. This VGA update does help a lot. Much MUCH better graphics, and a more Sam & Max style cursor to select your actions. The original release used a text parser in the same way as other early Sierra adventure titles like King's Quest. Although this VGA update is great it's still hard to recommend Leisure Suit Larry to everyone. It's extremely short, but will be extended by the moon logic difficulty. It's nowhere near as hard as Police Quest, or the aforementioned King's Quest, but it's still a Sierra game so don't expect an interative movie style like Lucas Film Games did. On top of being short it's also extremely crude, and a bit offensive. It's not anywhere as bad as some of the later titles, and although Larry may try to be sexist he's just too much a faliure to even really be. But how do I like it? I think it's hilarious! Some of the game may be a bit to illogical, but out of all of the Sierra adventure games it feels fairest. So if you have a crude sense of humor, and like a challenge give Leisure Suit Larry 1 a try!

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