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Bogeyman (2018)

Posted at 12:30 on October 27th, 2018 | Quote | Edit | Delete
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Darkness holds one of‭ the‭ ‬primal fears of mankind.‭ ‬But why are we afraid of it‭? ‬We are afraid,‭ ‬because something might be lurking in the‭ ‬utter blackness‭ ‬and when it is trying to harm us‭ ‬we will not see‭ ‬it coming.‭ ‬Since it easier for us to deal with the tangible than with the abstract,‭ ‬we tend to antropomorphise our feelings.‭ ‬And this leads to the birth of the bogeyman,‭ ‬our manifested anxieties.‭ ‬Especially children with their more vivid imagination combined with all their insecurities‭ – ‬born out of inexperience‭ – ‬are prone to conjuring them up.‭ ‬And since your fear can be turned against you, parents use it to make their children behave –‭ ‬as cruel as this might be.‭ ‬Yes fear is a powerful tool:‭ ‬Whomever you are afraid of has control over you.‭ ‬And this is one of the main themes of‭ Bogeyman‭‬.

Dear Sir, I object strongly with the last thread, and the next post.
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