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MKII versions

Posted at 18:34 on May 25th, 2019 | Quote | Edit | Delete
Bachelor Gumby
Posts: 43
I patched the MKII installer to run without floppies and added it to the TDC. I also seem to have two versions of this but the CLASSIC scene distro is not on original floppy images. There now appears to be a 01/27/1995 and a 02/14/1995 release. Hopefully someone will find another original set to compare. It would be great if someone knows if there is a comparison of these different releases.

Also, I applied the CLASSIC patch to the MK2.EXE and it works and I don't know if TGOD stores patched EXEs.

Additionally, the game is Mortal Kombat II, not 2. :)
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