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R. I .P. Mari Fredriksson (Roxette)

Posted at 18:34 on December 10th, 2019 | Quote | Edit | Delete
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Another one bites the dust... it gets a little scary as it seems every year now someone has to pass away. Last year Dolores, now Mari. Sad but inescapable. At least she didn't die young (61 years of age), though she was diagnosed back in 2002 and it could've happened any time... anyway, can't say I was ever a dedicated fan of Roxette, but I definitely love all their hits. I will cherrish them dearly and keep them stored in my collection for as long as I breathe myself. Dear legend, may you sleep tight in that heavenly car and spend your time having eternal joyride.

Roxette - Listen To Your Heart
Cheer up! Remember the less you have, the more there is to get.

I am on #TGOD
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