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Lode Runner

Brøderbund 1983
Genre: Action, Puzzle
Rating: 4/6
Licence: Commercial
System: Atari 400/800

In the Early Days™, computer games were still very much influenced by arcade games. Half of that is true for Lode Runner. The gameplay concerns a small figure running across platforms which are connected through ladders. It is collecting treasures while avoiding contact with the bad guys (the Bungelings). This sort of thing would work very well in an arcade environment.


Ozark Softscape / Electronic Arts 1983
Genre: Strategy
Rating: 4/6
Licence: Commercial
System: Atari 400/800

What is a M.U.L.E.? It stands for Multiple Use Labor Element, the robotic backbone of the economy on planet Irata which is about to be colonized by members of different alien races. And, well, from human history, we all know what 'colonisation' implies: Grabbing land before anyone else does, exploiting it for profit and when you've milked it dry, move on – leaving political and economical chaos behind.

Murder on the Zinderneuf

Free Fall Associates / Electronic Arts 1983
Genre: Adventure
Rating: 5/6
Licence: Commercial
System: Atari 400/800

A murder mystery works very well in confined space, because it tickles the audience in a very special way – it appears 'solvable' as all the information seems to be at hand. Agatha Christie knew it when she wrote the quintessential Murder on the Orient Express and similar setups have appeared many times in the genre since then. One issue with the classic train setup is the 'confined space' aspect: A train can usually stop at any time, at the next station or outsiders can enter it. That is why Orient Express has it stuck in a snow storm in the middle of nowhere. No special events are necessary for aircrafts flying over one of the oceans in order for them to be inaccessible, making them probably even better suited for this setup. The Zinderneuf is a Zeppelin – extremely convenient due to its long travel time over the Atlantic! The airship is almost halfway on the way from London to New York when a murder occurs. The player, a detective, has got 15 suspects and 12 hours remaining until arrival.

Rescue on Fractalus!

Lucasfilm Games 1984
Genre: Action, Simulation
Rating: 2.5/6
Licence: Commercial
System: Atari 400/800

[Mr Creosote] Last year, LucasArts closed its doors. Instead of spreading even more malice than already out there about them not having produced good games for many years anyway, we would like to go back to the beginning of this development studio under the name of 'Lucasfilm Games'. One of their first two games called itself Rescue on Fractalus.

Solo Flight

Microprose 1983
Genre: Simulation
Rating: 2/6
Licence: Commercial
System: Atari 400/800

Although it later became primarily associated with the Civilization series, Microprose's real legacy lies in the flight simulation genre. Two of their very first releases were the WW2 themed Spitfire Ace and this game, Solo Flight, to this day one of the few civilian flight simulators.

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