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Posted at 09:05 on December 24th, 2019 | Quote | Edit | Delete
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One of the biggest hopes of many parents has to be that their offspring live a better life than themselves (or at least one as good as their own) while keeping up their values, ideals and paradigms. The main reason being that a lot of people conceive the more or less secret wish to live on in their descendants – preferably in an increasingly brighter future. But reality tends to disagree with those somewhat naive ideals, which makes it hard to follow all those noble motives at times. Therefore there is quite a market for all kind of aid to reach the wanted success: From guides in form of book, film or person, over peculiar toys or medical/therapeutic approaches, the options nowadays even start to tap into the realms of genetics. An easily controversial topic, which the adventure game Paradigm chose to deal with in a most entertaining way.

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